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6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Smartphone

Are you thinking to buy new smartphones? if yes then let me tell you something. Nowadays we all need to have smartphones to make our daily life more easy and convenient. Although we have money to buy the smartphones we are still facing the problem of choosing the right smartphones as per our requirement. That’s why we are here for the solution to it. This article aims in providing the 6 things to consider before buying a smartphone.

There are many things to know about phones before you get it. Nowadays the requirement of smartphones on human beings is just compulsory and also like the basic human requirement (Housing, Food, and Clothing). Anyway if you are willing to get a new phone then you must need to take some research on it for the long term and the best utilization of money including your phone.

6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Smartphone

Before giving you the proper guide I have some questions to ask when buying a smartphone. Let make an example of buying the new phones, what are the things would you ask about the phone to them?

Well, mainly the buyers like you either ask for the price of the phone or some specs like it’s a camera, RAM, ROM, Battery and Android Version. In fact, the question from your side to the seller is incomplete. Besides this, there are also some things to do before getting a new phone.

  • Battery Optimization
  • RAM and ROM
  • CPU and Chipset
  • Price and Compare
  • Custom UI & Customization
  • Camera
  • Software Optimization

Things to Do Before Getting a New Phone

1.   Battery Optimization

Here before going for the ‘things to consider before buying a smartphone’ I want to clear that never be a fool in terms of number. Nowadays it is found that many smartphones are playing with us in terms of Numbers. Number Ka Khel, with the huge and heavy usage of smartphones the need for battery size on the smartphone is also more.

That’s why you need to consider that the phone that you are going to buy has a bigger battery volume. At this time at least the requirement of battery volume on any smartphones is 5000mAh.

Besides this, you have to find out the battery backup on it. In many cases, although the phone has a bigger battery volume the battery may not last as per its real capacity.

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2.   RAM and ROM

An increase in the size/volume of RAM and ROM is better for the phone. yes, we all need that phones with a higher volume of RAM and ROM. That’s why these days we need to choose that phone with at least 4GB of RAM and 64GB ROM.

The main motto for recommending the 4GB RAM in your smartphone is for making multi-tasking and usage of heavy apps smooth. Also, you need to focus on the volume of internal storage.

Switching from feature phone to android? If you are a new user then you can go for the phone that comes with at least 2GB RAM and 32GB Internal storage. Currently, this is the basic requirement of smartphones for new users too.

Likewise, if you are a heavy gamer and multi-tasker then a 2GB, 4GB RAM phone is not for you. you need to switch for that phone at least having 6GB RAM of Above.

This is the reason why RAM and ROM are the important things to know about phones.

3.   CPU and Chipset

An increase in the Size/ Volume of RAM decides the performance of the phone. likewise, the phone having a large volume of RAM makes the phone fast and smooth. In fact, if you are living in this concept then you’re gone.

Yes, the speed and performance of the phone do not totally depend upon the RAM used on the phones. In actuality, the real performance of the phone depends upon the Chipset used on it.

Have you ever heard about the chipset used on the phone? Well I want to clear that chipset is the component for handling the task and performance of smartphones or other supported devices like computer chipset (Intel, AMD, etc.)

things to consider before buying a smartphone
important things to know about phones

In terms of smartphone, we can find mainly 4 companies chipset (Qualcomm Snapdragon, MediaTek Helio, Huawei Kirin, and Samsung Exynos). Here also the term “which chipset is better on smartphones” depends upon its optimization techniques and the fabrication technology used on it.

In short, the chipset is prepared under the low / less number of fabrication technology that is best for the better performance of your phone. As an example, the chipset which is prepared under the 8nm technology performs better on the smartphone rather than the chipset prepared under the 9nm technology and vice versa.

Mean to say that the main point to focus on by the users like you and me is its fabrication technology calculated on the nanometer (nm). That’s why other things to consider before buying a smartphone is its Chipset.

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4.   Software Optimization

Mainly in budget smartphones, we can found a lot of errors and drawbacks after a few days of use. Besides this, the main reason to hang down your phone is due to the proper optimization of software.

The main problem of budget smartphones is the lack of software optimization. But it doesn’t mean that all the budget phones are not optimized. In many cases, the phone that you are willing to buy may have software issues.

Therefore you need to make sure that the software optimization of the phone is great. The phone must be optimized for better performance.

5.   Custom UI & Customization

The primary questions to ask when buying a smartphone is it’s UI. Among the 100% users around 90%, people are still not aware of the Custom UI used on smartphones. here to say that people are unknown in the term “Custom UI”.

May we are also unaware of the Custom UI on smartphones. In simple, Custom UI is the customized User Interface made or used by the smartphone company to give a unique identity and launching experience on their smartphones.

I think you are still in confusion. Don’t worry, have you heard about MIUI, Funtouch OS, One UI, etc.? If yes then you know what I mean to say. If not then let me explain.

All the Samsung Smartphones come with Android One UI, Xiaomi (MI, Redmi, and Poco) comes with MIUI (MIUI 12 is the latest version till now), Vivo comes with Funtouch OS, Realme comes with Realme UI, Nokia Comes with Stock Android, etc.

Personally, I love MIUI so that’s the one major reason to switch towards the Xiaomi phones by me. Now, it’s time to think about yourself which UI you want to get on your upcoming phone.

6.   Camera

Again the ‘Number Ka Khel’ found on budget and mid-range smartphones. Although the camera and its specs are the major things to consider before buying a smartphone you need to work here tactfully.

Although the phone comes with multiple cameras like a Triple camera and Quad camera we can’t find a large number of Mega Pixels on it. A good example is Redmi 9. In Redmi 9 We can find the use of Quad camera but it comes only with the max. primary lens of 13MP.

In fact, the Redmi 9 Quad camera phone fails to produce a better image as compared to the Samsung A20s Triple camera phone that falls around the same price segment.

Besides this many people are on the wrong track for believing the number of Mega Pixels mentioned on the phone specs as Real. Here the image optimization and better photos production is the key thing to be noted before buying the new phones.

7.   Price and Comparison

For example, if you are searching for the best phones under 20,000 in Nepal you have many smartphones to buy. Under the same price segment, you have multiple options to choose from. So, the main things to do before buying a new phone is comparing its price and specs.

In the context of Nepal Redmi Note 8, Redmi 9, Redmi 8, Vivo Y20, Galaxy A20s, etc. are the main option. So, the thing is that you need to compare all the phones in terms of its price and specs.

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